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Monday-Tuesday July 24-25 (the workshop days) we will have rooms E141 & E142 combined into a single room of just over 2000 square feet with chairs arranged around the outside.

We are working with O'Reilly on space for the 26-28.


Rather than a "session"-style room with rows of chairs facing a single speaker, we're interested in an open, re-configurable space. So, at any given time it may be 10 groups of 5 people, or 2 groups of 30 people, or anything in between. This worked really well at RecentChangesCamp.

O'Reilly is currently looking into getting expo hall space for FOO-style informal gatherings during the week. They're thinking one meeting "room" (a pipe-and-draped off area) in the expo hall, available during session, break, and meal times with chairs and perhaps a whiteboard or flipchart. This would probably run Wednesday and Thursday

Separately, O'Reilly is hoping to have room space available on Monday night for FOSCON.

Backup Possibilities

The lobbies are huge at the convention center and we could take advantage of them. Alternatively we could reserve and finance some space ourselves if the O'Reilly connection falls through for some inscrutable reason.